tnsping – what it is, what it isn’t

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5 thoughts on “tnsping – what it is, what it isn’t

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    • Thanks for the comment, Joel. That’s a very interesting discovery on Laurent’s site. I think it very interesting when he says “This does not reproduce on Linux”. I suspect there may be some interaction with the registry. When I wrote this original demo, I tried to explore that, but the possible permutations quickly grow more numerous than I cared to follow.

  2. Great explanation but what exactly does TNSPing do? I’m trying to replicate it in a program I’m making. I don’t want to have to include the file in my program.

    • tnsping simply sends a packet to the listener on the target host to see if it gets a response. Excactly analogous to ‘ping’ at the network level, but including oracle’s tns layer.

      What is it you are wanting to ‘replicate’ in your own program?

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