edstevensdba is moving!

I would like to announce that edstevensdba is moving!

At the urging of friends, I have decided to write under my own self-hosted domain.  To that end, I have registered the domain name “edstevensdba.com” and set up a new blog at that location.  My first post there is an updated edition of “Help, I can’t connect to my database!”.  Over the next few weeks I will be moving most of the other content from this blog to edstevensdba.com

I would like to thank everyone who has subscribed to this blog and urge you to go register at edstevensdba.com.  In addition to moving the current content, I have several ideas of new areas to explore.  The basic thrust of the new site will be to continue “connecting the dots” to explain how and why things work the way that do.



Soliciting ideas

I know I haven’t posted any new demos in quite some time.  Been too busy with my day job and “life in general”.  I’d really like to start things rolling again, keeping to the overall theme of ‘connecting the dots’ that you see in my TNS series.

To that end, I’d like to ask for ideas for new subjects.  Just post back anything you’d like me to address and I’ll see what I can put together.

“Film at eleven”

Hello world!

You may be asking, “Why yet another Oracle blog?”  To be honest, I’m still asking myself that question.  But, I’ve had several people who’ve seen my comments on OTN urge me to start a blog to collect all that “wisdom”  (!?!?) into one place.  So . . . why not?

I’ll try to post about once a week, mostly demonstration and explanation of things that seem to get a lot of questions but also an occasional opinion piece (aka “rant”) about IT and the people in it.  My closest and oldest friend says I’ve been a curmudgeon all my life, so I guess you can expect a curmudgeon’s viewpoint.

So standby.  As they used to say as a teaser to the evening news, “Film at eleven.”