Presentations and Demos

For easy reference, an index of presentations added to the blog.

Allocation of extents in multi-file tablespaces. Explore the usage pattern of multi-file tablespaces.

But I want to store the date in format . . . Discuss the concept of a date vs. the character representation of a date; use of nls_date_format, to_char, and to_date functions.

Help! I can’t connect to my database. An overview of how sqlnet translates and routes a connection request.

Help! I can’t connect to my database (part duex). Demonstration of how sqlnet locates tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora files on a Windows client.

ora-12154/tns-03505. An exploration of this common connection error.

tnsping – what it is, what it isn’t. What we can – and cannot – learn from tnsping.

ora-12545.  Continuing the discussion of client-side oracle connection problems.

ora-12514. Listener does not know of requested service.

Exploring password lifetime and grace period
A look at the behavior and interaction of profile limits PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME and PASSWORD_GRACE_TIME.

Exploring the LOCAL_LISTENER parameter A deeper look at the role of the LOCAL_LISTENER parameter in dynamic listener registration.

Configure the VirtualBox Network Background and instructions on network configuration of a virtual server running under VirtualBox.


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